Tom Sharkey Gallery Tom Sharkey Gallery A young and dapper Thomas Sharkey 72622815 Early in his fighting career 72622816 72622817 72622818 72622819 72804863 Sharkey (left) vs James J. Jeffries 72622820 Sharkey (left) vs Jeffries 72622821 Sharkey (left) vs Jeffries 72622822 72622823 Sailor Tom with his famous tattoo visible 72804864 72622824 Thomas Sharkey the man...after many ring wars 72622825 With his namesake, Heavyweight Champion Jack Sharkey (on the left) 72622826 Sharkey in his later years 72622827 Sailor Tom Sharkey in his prime 72622828 73083425 Ticket to Sailor Tom Sharkey's final fight 73083426 73083427 American Caramel Company Trading Card 73083428 Tom Sharkey Playing Card 73083429 Sailor Tom (left) with The Babe and James Jeffries 73083430 Sharkey dressed as a Texas Ranger 73083431 Tom (left) with his buddy James Jeffries later in life 73083432 73083433 The Final Resting Place of Sailor Tom Sharkey 73083434