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    Sailor Tom Sharkey Career Replay (Page 3)



                                    August 11th, 1894

                        Sailor Tom Sharkey vs Jack Marks

Vallejo, California

Tom Sharkey has now relocated from Honolulu and has settled in San Francisco, California.  San Francisco is a hotbed of professional pugilism and the home of many great fighters, including World Heavyweight Champion James J. Corbett, the great "Chrysanthemum" Joe Choynski and top prospect James Jeffries.  Accompanying Sharkey from Honolulu is his faithful friend and cornerman Jack Langley, two-time former opponent and the only man to go the distance with Tom.  Sharkey has wasted little time, securing a fight with Jack Marks less than two weeks after arriving in San Francisco.  Marks' only notable bout coming into this fight is a third round knockout loss to Nick Burley.  This bout is schedule for 10 rounds.


                                          The Fight


Sharkey had Marks reeling just 32 seconds into the first round after landing a powerful right cross to the jaw.  Marks did manage to get in a good left uppercut midway through the round, but Tom quickly retaliated with a crushing right cross to the body.  The round ended with Jack Marks hanging onto the ropes for dear life as Sharkey landed several unanswered blows to the chin.  Just 17 seconds into round two, Marks was felled by a tremendous left hook to the midsection.  Marks regained his feet at the count of 5 and retreated into his own corner.  He was able to successfully cover up for most of the next two minutes, until, finally, Sharkey landed a devastating right cross.  Marks wasn't quite done yet, however, as he connected with a very good right hook just before the end of the round.  Marks spent much of the first part of round three running from the ever-charging Sailor Tom.  Midway through the round, Sharkey connected with a nasty left hook to the body that shook Marks down to his heels.  Marks, obviously hurt bady, retreated back to the ropes where he absorbed a terrible beating until the referee jumped in to stop the fight at the 2 minute mark of round three.  A very successful mainland, USA debut for Sailor Tom. 

Tom Sharkey TKO Jack Marks at 2:00 of round 3

(Real-life result: Sharkey KO 1 Marks)

Tom Sharkey professional record: 15-0-0, 14 KOs 



                                    August 21st, 1894

                Sailor Tom Sharkey vs Sailor Charles Brown

Vellejo, California

Sailor Charles Brown is a very popular fighter in the San Francisco area and a fellow former U.S. Navy man.  He's taken on the best during his career, including knockout losses to Peter Maher and the great "Black Prince" Peter Jackson.  But he's never faced anyone with the aggressiveness of Tom Sharkey.  This bout is scheduled for 10 rounds.


                                           The Fight


Sharkey simply overwhelmed Sailor Charles Brown from the opening bell to start round one.  Just a half minute into the round, Sharkey rocked Brown with a violent cross that put him on queer street.  A minute later, Tom connected with a right uppercut that had Brown all but out on his feet.  The coup de grace came just a few seconds later when Sharkey landed a huge left hook that dropped Brown to the canvas.  Sailor Charles Brown was counted out at the 2:20 mark of round one.  Not even knowing what hit him, Brown failed to throw a single punch in this fight.  As the referee was raising his arm in victory, Sharkey spotted top contender Joe Choynski at ringside and issued a challenge for a fight.  Choynski responded by shouting "You got it!" and then turned and walked away with a rather worried look on his face. 

Tom Sharkey KO Sailor Charles Brown at 2:20 of round 1

(Real-life result: Sharkey KO 1 Brown)

Tom Sharkey professional record: 16-0-0, 15 KOs 



                                  November 24th, 1894

                 Sailor Tom Sharkey vs Martin Mulverhill

Vallejo, California

While trying to pressure Joe Choynski to face him in the ring, Sailor Tom signs to fight Martin Mulverhill.  Mulverhill is a well-rounded fighter who has had some success, but is accustomed to fighting middleweights.  He has yet to face a man of Sharkey's size.  While possessing a good chin, the main rap against Mulverhill is that once he's hurt, he's done.  This bout is scheduled for 10 rounds. 


                                            The Fight


Mulverhill got in the first good punch of the fight when he landed a good solid jab very early in round one.  However, when he tried to double up on the jab, Sharkey caught him with a powerful right cross, followed up with a vicious uppercut that dropped Mulverhill to the canvas.  Mulverhill regained his feet at the count of 3, but was immediately dropped again by a left hook.  Mulverhill got back up at the 6 count, but was obviously in a world of hurt.  A stiff left cross sent Mulverhill reeling across the ring and up against the ropes where he ate a devastating right hook that sent him down for the third time.  Mulverhill got up quickly at the count of 2, but was out on his feet.  The referee wrapped his arms around him and stopped the fight, saving Mulverhill from further punishment. 

Tom Sharkey TKO Martin Mulverhill at 2:53 of round 1

(Real-life result: Sharkey KO 9 Mulverhill)

Tom Sharkey professional record: 17-0-0, 16 KOs 



                                  December 27th, 1894

                    Sailor Tom Sharkey vs Nick Burley II

San Francisco, California

When he heard of Tom Sharkey's relocation to San Francisco, Nick Burley came to town with the goal of securing a rematch of their classic June 14th bout.  Sharkey didn't need any persuading and immediately agreed to a second match.  The first fight was a war, with Sharkey coming out on top via an 8th round TKO.  Burley has won two bouts since that fight, knocking out both Dave Haen and Denis Ike Hayes, and comes into this rematch with a record of 17-2, with all 17 wins coming by way of knockout.  Anticipation for this fight is huge as boxing fans expect another all-out war.  This bout is scheduled for 10 rounds. 


                                           The Fight


Nick Burely took the early advantage in round one, landing a solid right hook followed by a quick, compact uppercut.  Sharkey was unfazed, however, answering with a strong right uppercut of his own.  For the remainder of the round, both men connected with powerful shots until Sharkey closed out the round with a nasty right cross.  Round one was too close to call.  Round two opened with Burley landing a devasating right hook to the jaw that forced Sailor Tom back against the ropes.  Burley tried to press his advantage by throwing a right hand over the top, but Sharkey ducked under and connected with a right hand that caught Burley flush.  Burley dropped to the canvas as if he'd been shot.  The referee's 10 count was academic as Burley was clearly unconscious.  And just like that, it was over.  Although this rematch failed to live up to the brilliance of their first bout, it was no less savage while it lasted.  Sailor Tom Sharkey must now be viewed as a real force to be reckoned with in the heavyweight division. 

Tom Sharkey KO Nick Burley at 1:50 of round 2

(Real-life result: N/A)

Tom Sharkey professional record: 18-0-0, 17 KOs 



                                      July 25th, 1895

              Sailor Tom Sharkey vs Billy Australian Smith

Colma, California

The Fight:  Coming soon...